Hello! I'm Maddy

Hi there, I'm Maddy

Digital Designer & Illustrator

I am a driven and organised digital designer passionate about all things creative.  With expertise in the technology and innovative industries, I am able to share creative outlooks and bring your online presence to life. I pride myself in being open-minded and seeking new ideas, and leaving positive impact on those I meet. Be sure to take a look at some of my work and pop me a message if you’d like to work together!   

Skills and proficiencies

What I can offer

I am currently studying for my BA Graphic Design degree at Surrey University. Throughout my work I have maintained a reputation for being enthusiastic, dependable and organised. I am passionate about my work and being creative, striving for quality and value with every design.    

Web Design

Sketching and wireframing, digital concepts. Web and interface design.


Logo design, print design, typography. Simplistic company image. 


Fine line illustrations. Detailed yet minimalist styles. Cards, designs and prints. 


Experience in the film industries and study of film. Arthouse and independent styles.


Keen traveller and explorer. Lover of new cultures and capturing moments. 

Recent work

Passion and simplicity make up the fundamental basis of my designs, driving authenticity and purpose. I have worked on a variety of projects globally, from small businesses in the UK to esteemed companies in Australia. 

I’m always seeking opportunities to collaborate on new projects. Drop me a message and let’s create something amazing together!